Visitor Tags and Filters

Understanding your visitors is crucial for the success of your online store. ReplayPRO offers a sophisticated system of tags and filters to help you gain deep insights into your visitors' behavior. This feature allows you to segment visitor data and analyze specific groups based on their interactions with your site.

Overview of Tags

Tags are labels assigned to visitor sessions to help you identify specific actions or behaviors. Common tags include:

  • Order Placed: This tag is applied when a visitor completes a purchase.
  • Added to Cart: Indicates a visitor who has added an item to their shopping cart.
  • Text Entry: Applied to sessions where the visitor has entered text on the site, such as using the search bar or filling out a form.
  • Returned Visitors: Identifies visitors who have come back to your site after their initial visit.
  • New Visitors: Tags first-time visitors to your store.
  • Has Source: Marks sessions that have a referrer source.
  • Broken Link: Indicates a visitor encountered a broken link.
  • Bookmarked: Shows if a visitor has bookmarked a page.

Utilizing Filters

Filters allow you to narrow down the list of visitor sessions to focus on those that meet certain criteria. Here's how you can apply filters in ReplayPRO:

  1. Add Filter: Click on 'Add filter +' to open the filter options.
  2. Select Criteria: Choose from various criteria such as location, session duration, page views, and more.
  3. Apply: After selecting the desired criteria, apply the filter to view the relevant visitor sessions.

Filter Options:

  • Location: Filter visitors based on geographic location.
  • Sessions: Focus on the number of sessions a visitor has had.
  • Page Views: Look at visitors based on the number of pages they viewed.
  • Duration: Filter based on the length of time spent on the site.
  • Source: Segment visitors according to the source of traffic.
  • Visited Page: See sessions where a specific page was visited.
  • Query Params: Filter by the search queries used on your site.
  • Date Range: Select a specific timeframe to view visitors from.
  • IP: Use IP addresses to filter sessions for more technical insights.

Analyzing Filtered Data

Once you've applied filters, you can analyze the filtered data directly on the dashboard. For each visitor session, you'll see details such as:

  • Duration: How long the visitor was on your site.
  • Shopping Cart: Items added to the cart and their value.
  • Order: If an order was placed during the session.
  • Source: The referral source of the visitor.
  • UTM: UTM parameters for tracking marketing campaigns.
  • Device: The type of device used by the visitor.
  • Landing/Exit: The entry and exit pages for the session.

By using tags and filters effectively, you can tailor your marketing strategies, improve user experience, and ultimately drive more sales. ReplayPRO's dashboard gives you the power to turn visitor data into actionable insights.

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